Teaching 1st Year

The EU-GLOBACT activities will mainly focus on four areas in compliance with the new EU Commission guidelines in the field:

  • Transnational crime, EU Law and global partnership:  towards a coordinated, more targeted and adapted response to specific priority offences (Prof. Anna Oriolo).
  • Transnational crime, EU Law and the Area of Freedom Security and Justice: boosting law enforcement and judicial cooperation across member States (Prof. Angela Di Stasi).
  • Transnational crime, EU Law and new technologies: ensuring a human rights-based approach to digital challenges (Prof. Michele Nino).
  • Transnational crime, EU Law and financial system: reinforcing asset recovery/anti-money laundering, and confiscation measures (Prof. Andrea Castaldo).

From a practical point of view regarding implementation, the EU-GLOBACT activities will combine traditional (legal) teaching with the ‘pragmatic’ approach typical of so-called ‘law clinics’, i.e., applying legal knowledge to concrete cases.

Syllabus (English)

Programma del Corso (italiano)

Agenda 1st edition 2023-2024