Research 1st Year

Jean Monnet Module EU-GLOBACT research activities aim to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in EU legal studies by means of:

  • Developing scientific cooperation relations through openness and the coordination of international, European, and national research programs.
  • Sharing knowledge by supporting the mobility of researchers and scholars, joining/managing editorial projects for the publication of the research results in the fields of investigation.
  • Contribute to advancing and/or deepening scientific knowledge in the fields of investigation and proposing new interpretative approaches.

The Module research activities will be carried out in collaboration with the International & European Criminal Law Observatory on Cultural Issues, Human Rights, and Security (IECLO), directed by the Module Leader, and based at the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Salerno. The Observatory is a multidisciplinary network founded on sound partnerships with national and international organizations and institutions, secondary schools, professionals, non-profits, student and youth associations.

Additionally, the IECLO Scientific Committee includes professors from different faculties of the Host Institution (law, economics, political sciences, engineering), as well as from foreign universities (EU and not EU-member states), crucial to reaching students from non-law faculties, from third countries not associated with the programme, and disseminating the Module results within and outside the Host institution.

This dense network of collaborations and memberships will allow EU-GLOBACT Module to achieve the following further outcomes highly sought by ERASMUS+ Actions: 

  • Ensure the Project activities form an integral part of the Host Institution’s educational mission
  • Encourage youth participation in the Project, fostering their sense of belonging to the EU
  • Promote participation in democratic life to strengthen citizens’ understanding of the EU and knowledge of EU values beyond academia and specialized audiences.

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