EU-GLOBACT - Transnational Crime & EU Law


The EU-GLOBACT Module aims to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of EU legal studies.
Jean Monnet Module EU-GLOBACT
A high-quality, specialized, and interdisciplinary Course on the emerging EU counter-crime policy.
EU Fighting Transnational Crime in the Digital Age:
Transnational Crime and EU Law
Towards Global Action against Cross-border Threats to common security, rule of law, and human right.
Theory & Practice

High Specialized

The teaching schedule includes a 58-hour annual course (30-40 students/year) structured in 4 theoretical units (40h) and 3 learn-by-doing units (18 hrs.).

6 hours a week

58 hours annual

40 hours theoretical units

18 hours learn-by-doing units

Students and Professionals

Target Audience

EU-GLOBACT is primarily addressed at university students but could also be extremely beneficial to legal/justice professionals (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, court staff).

It can also be useful for the training of policymakers, national human rights institutions, as well as civil society organizations, and is also open to any body interested on the topic.

The EU-GLOBACT activities and material are freely available on the IECLO and EU-GLOBACT websites. The length of the teaching course is approximately 6 hours a week, and those who complete it can obtain an individualised ‘Statement of accomplishment’.

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