In line with EU Commission guidelines concerning Jean Monnet Actions, the quality ofthe projects design and implementation requires, inter alia, to “present the appropriate planning of preparation, implementation, evaluation, follow-up and dissemination phases” (

At this end, EU-GLOBACT activities arepreceded by preparatory sessions to discussthe strategies and expectations with keystakeholders (i.e., members of the teachingstaff, experts, students, and professionalassociations, as well as the administrative,technical, and accounting officers of the HostInstitution), in order to:

• Prioritize the goals;

• Ensure consistency among the Project objectives, methodology, activities, duration, and budget;

• Identify and manage financial and not-financial risks (pandemics, regulatory changes, classroom and equipment suitability, availability of invited professionals and experts);

• Define/refine the content and design of an autonomous project website and other informative advertising media and tools;

• Design the Module annual schedule.

Here is the preparatory session schedule, from 18 September, 2023, to 28 September 2023, that shows all the sessions that took place: