The Jean Monnet EU-GLOBACT Project, coordinated by Prof. Anna Oriolo, aims to promote excellence in teaching and research in EU legal studies at the University of Salerno and, in particular, at the DSG), by offering a free, highly specialized and interdisciplinary course on the emerging global EU policy on the fight against transnational crime,  relevant for the future professional life of graduates and for the specialist training of legal and political practitioners.

The Event entitled “Transnational Crime at Sea, Maritime Cross-Border Security and EU Governance for the Protection of EU Citizens, Values and Interests” is organized in the framework of the IECLO Multidisciplinary Legal Observatory  (, based at the DSG and is open to free participation the academic community (students, postgraduates, PhD students, researchers, scholars), the legal professions, political operators, civil society in general.

After the welcoming addresses of Prof. Vincenzo Loia (Rector of the University of Salerno) and Profs. Francesco Fasolino (Director of the Department of Legal Sciences), Giuseppe D’Angelo (President of the Teaching Council of the Department of Legal Sciences), the event, will be chaired by Roberto Virzo (Full Professor of International Law, of the University of Messina) and introduced by Anna Oriolo (Associate Professor of International Law of the University of Salerno; EU-GLOBACT Leader). This will be followed by the reports of Livio Scirocco (Lieutenant Commander (ITCG), Senior Officer of the Italian Coast Guard, Naples), Mauro Menicucci (Associate Professor of Maritime Law, University of Salerno), Panagiota Manoli (Associate Professor in Political Economy of International Relations, University of Peloponnese), and scheduled speech by Roberto Arreghini (Honorary Fellow in International Law, University of Salerno), and by the students papers (Francesco Foccillo).

Due to the prestige  of the participants and the scientific relevance of the initiative, the Italian Guard Cost have granted their patronage and the use of the institutional logo. see Italian Version


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