We welcome paper proposals for the 2024 Opening Lecture of the Jean Monnet Module EU-GLOBACT (in Italian English or French). The meeting will be in-person and online. It’s open to all scholars, students, professionals and experts interested in the study of EU fight against transnational crime. The Conference theme is “Transnational Crime, Global Emergencies and Human Rights: The Judicial Cooperation for the Protection of Common Values of the European Union. We seek papers that address the four EU-GLOBACT focus areas :

  • Transnational crime, EU Law and global partnership:  towards a coordinated, more targeted and adapted response to specific priority offences
  • Transnational crime, EU Law and the Area of Freedom Security and Justice: boosting law enforcement and judicial cooperation across member States
  • Transnational crime, EU Law and new technologies: ensuring a human rights-based approach to digital challenges
  • Transnational crime, EU Law and financial system: reinforcing asset recovery/anti-money laundering, and confiscation measures

While papers that engage these themes are especially welcome, proposals on other topics in the field of EU Legal Studies, will also be accepted.

Submit your proposal (including your full name, professional position and institutional affiliation, paper title,  and 500-word abstract) by 6 January 2024) to  info@euglobact.org

Scientific Committee: Prof. Andrea R. Castaldo, Prof. Angela Di Stasi, Prof. Virginie Mercier, Prof. Michele Nino, Prof. Anna Oriolo

Organizing Committee: Stefano Busillo, Giovanna Naddeo, Emanuele Vannata